Celestial Seas Gift Set


Inspired by an evening on the beach watching the sun going down over a glistening ocean, this gift set includes the incredible St Eval Sea Mist tea light set, a pair of our Celestial Drop half moon earrings and a shimmer gold or silver leather keyring.

The scent of St Eval's Sea Mist will take you right back to being beside the shore, it's a soft scent of sweet vanilla, coconut and fresh bergamot with notes of orange, lily and a fresh sea breeze. This box set contains a pack of 9 standard sized tealight candles.

Our celestial drop earrings feature a navy leather stud and a dangling half moon made from our leather offcuts, this pair come with gold plated studs as standard. 

Simply choose between gold and silver leather for the earrings and keyrings.

Celestial Drop Earrings (Color)
Leather Loop Keyring (Color)