Ceramic Miniature Seals


Made from Stoneware Clay
Size: Approx 6 X 3 X 2.5cm
Handmade, unique pieces of art
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Tiny stoneware ceramic seals, the perfect wild swimming gift or gift for sea loving friends!

I love making these little seals each one is unique and has it's own character. Please note that they are all different and unique, the one you receive may not look like those in the photos, but of course will be similar.

The approximate size is 6cm x 3cm x 3cm but each one is different.

Made in our studio in Cornwall in tiny batches.
Our Materials

Made with Stoneware Clay. Either wheel thrown or modelled our ceramics are made by Lisa and Sam. Each one is completely unique, no two are the same.

Important Information

Please note, our ceramics have not been tested as food safe and therefore we recommend that they only be used for decorative purposes.

Our ceramic animals and models are not toys.