Chocolarder Pure 100% Dark Chocolate 70g - Vegan Friendly

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We love Chocolarder chocolate, which is why we decided to add it to our collection, we'll never make chocolate but know it's a nice thing to add to an order whether it's a birthday gift or a treat for yourself!


What Chocolarder say about their Pure 100% Dark Chocolate:

The fruity Peruvian rainforest cacao cultivated by the indigenous Ashaninka people is the perfect bean for showcasing in its purest form.

Nothing else is added, leaving only natural flavours and sweetness that are coaxed and developed through the careful crafting of the chocolate maker. The holy grail for chocolate purists.


As with all our products, the chocolate is made in Chocolarder's Falmouth factory.


A slow build to intense roasted brazil nuts, with accents of grapefruit and plantain. This bar is un-sweetened but still delivers a beautifully balanced flavour.


Cocoa beans. 70g,

Vegan Friendly Chocolate, Sugar Free Chocolate,