Diamond Kite Stud Earrings


Made from Leather offcuts
Size: Width 1.6cm Height 5cm
Choose between gold plated, 925 Sterling Silver and Clip on earrings.
Stud Type

Our Diamond Kite earrings are beautiful, statement and minimalist whilst also being very lightweight and easy to wear.

Made from offcuts of our beautiful suedes and leathers, these have a "Shimmer Gold" leather stud and a choice of colours for the dangle drops, all options have a gold coloured top diamond, pick below for the colour of the dangle diamond.

Choose from gold plated studs or 925 sterling silver studs.

Our Materials

Made with our leather and suede offcuts. Each pair of earrings are hand cut from scraps of our leathers and suedes, carefully assembled and attached to either gold plated studs, 925 sterling silver studs or clip on fastenings.

We don't like to throw things away, so we save our offcuts and re-imagine them into something new and beautiful.

Reducing Waste

We started making these earrings to turn our smallest pieces of leather into something new and beautiful. These tiny offcuts might usually end up in landfill, but we save them all hoping to give them a new purpose.

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