Triple Row Plywood Display Stand


Made from Birch Plywood
Size: 10cm/20cm/30cm/40cm x 7cmx 1.8cm
Crafted in our studio in Cornwall

We started making these stands to display our earring cards, postcards and signage at craft fairs and received so many great comments that we thought we'd start selling them!

They are made from a beautiful birch plywood with three grooves and available in a range of lengths. We sell them in their natural untreated finish but we lightly sand them for you. You can then either leave them natural or finish them with a varnish or paint as you wish.

Currently made in 20cm, 30cm and 40cm lengths, depth 7cm, height 1.8cm.

Each groove is approximately 2.2mm wide and there is 12mm between each groove. The grooves are cut at a slight 10 degree angle.

Our Materials

Made with sustainably sourced FSC Birch Plywood.

Product Story

We made our first plywood stands to display our earrings at markets, we had so much interest in the jewellery display stands themselves that we thought we’d start making them!

Handmade in our studio in Cornwall. Each stand is lightly sanded but left natural for you to apply your own finish if you wish to. We add our stamp to the bottom of each stand.

We love seeing our work being used as shop display stands, craft market stall stands and we've seen them be used to display greeting cards, prints and jewellery. If you've got one of our stands we'd love to see how you use it.

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Plywood display stands for shops, markets and the home

In Store Point Of Sale

Our stands are used in shops across the country, we love how Niaski have used our triple row plywood stand to display their colourful cat pins in their shop in Devon.

Visit the Niaski website.

Craft Market Display

Our plywood stands are perfect for displaying earrings, jewellery, hair clips, badges, pins, cards and prints at craft markets. We love this display by Cast and Clay.

Find Cast and Clay on Instagram.

Greeting Card Display

Display your favourite birthday cards, Christmas cards, photos and postcards. Our stands look lovely on a window sill or mantle piece displaying your favourite mementos without taking up too much room.