We love Chocolarder chocolate, which is why we decided to add it to our collection, we'll never make chocolate but know it's a nice thing to add to an order whether it's a birthday gift or a treat for yourself!

72% Dark Chocolate by Chocolarder Chocolate

I first found this delicious Cornish Chocolate when my friend gifted me some for my birthday which collided with the very beginning of the pandemic and the first lockdown. During such a dark time and the world being in such an uncertain place (they can't shut restaurants and cafes, surely? Can they?). This chocolate, in the Cornish Honeycomb flavour really brightened my day. 

Ever since then I've bought it for brightening those dull days (savouring every bite) and also as a little treat for loved ones, for birthday gifts, to share after a dinner at a friends or for our mum on Mother's Day.

Chocolarder Cornish Honeycomb Chocolate

I love this brand, because of it's kind, ethical and sustainable approach and because it's made right here in Cornwall too, also of course it's delicious. I've picked 4 of my favourites to share with you, pick between Cornish Honeycomb, Wild Gorse Flower (coconut flavours), Ashanika 72% Dark Chocolate and 100% Dark Chocolate which is Vegan and Sugar Free.

We hope you love Chocolarder Chocolate as much as we do!

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