Black working cocker spaniel wearing a ring bearer pouch for a wedding.

A fresh make, we love designing and making new products! This is our new dog or pet ring bearer pouch for weddings and proposals, or for any occasion where you might need a pet to carry wedding rings.

I'm so excited to launch these new pet ring bearer pouches, crafted from Italian leather in our studio by us. They are available in all our real leather and suede colours from metallic gold and cream to navy, olive and berry. They come with a pretty gold coloured ring clip which can easily be fastened to your pet's collar.

Inside the pouch there are two separate slots, one for each wedding band. The front can be personalised with initials or perhaps the special wedding date. They make a beautiful keepsake from your wedding.

Alternatively you could use these to clip on to a bag and keep rings in while you're at the gym or anytime you need to take your rings off and keep them safe.

I can't wait to see our customer's dogs wearing these on their magical wedding day, if you've bought one we'd love to see a photo!

Dog wedding ring bearer pouch in cream and tan, inside the pouch there are two slots for two wedding bands.

P.S. We recommend introducing your pet to the wedding ring pouch slowly, so they get used to wearing it (without any rings in). Please note we cannot be held liable if your dog or pet decides to run off with your rings inside or decides its rather tasty and chews it and the rings fall out or get eaten (thinking of worst case scenarios here!). It can only be used at your own risk. Our pup is a typical mad spaniel, at first he wanted to bite the pouch but after wearing it on and off for a few minutes at a time over a few days he soon got bored of it, especially when he was rewarded for ignoring it.

We hope you love them!