Last week we took a very long 6 hour journey to visit our leather supplier who we've been working with for the past 4 years. It was so lovely to finally meet the team and also rummage through so many rooms of glorious leather! I bought a lot of new leathers, all of which are limited edition, end of line leathers from some of the best tanneries in the world.

I'm not sure yet how best to launch these collections as there will be a limited number available, but I thought I'd share the colours here and if there's any of our designs that you'd like made in these leathers just drop us a message (check your junk folder for our reply!).

1. Mother of Pearl Leather

Soft Pearl Leather

This beautifully soft leather has a soft grain and works really well in smaller items such as our jewellery pouches and card holders. It's a really lovely option for bridal accessories and weddings as it's a gorgeous warm white / very pale cream colour.

2. Pearl Patent Leather

Pearl Patent Leather, A roll of white shiny leather.

Something completely new for us, patent leather! There's something so beautifully shiny about this gorgeous pearly leather. This one is more structured and will work really well in our clutch bag sizes.

3. Shell - a light grey leather

Shell is a super light grey leather, a cream with grey undertones, a stunning neutral hue. It's quite structured and works well across the range from jewellery pouches to clutch bags. It has a smooth hand feel. This is a gorgeous option for bridal clutch bags.

4. Pale Peach Leather

Pale Peach Pink Leather

A simply stunning very pale pink with nude / peach tones. This gorgeous leather is quite thick and has a stunning grain on it. It will be beautiful in card holders, purses and clutch bags. Sadly this leather doesn't take personalisation very well. It's the perfect option for bridesmaid clutch bags.

5. Blush Pink. Leather

Blush Pink Leather Accessories
Blush Pink Leather for clutch bags

If the pebble grain of our Pale Peach leather isn't for you, this is our Blush Pink and has a stunning smooth finish, it works in all our products and is very similar in handful to Shell, Duck Egg Blue, Golden Sunflower, Aqua, Red Wine and Sage.

6. Rouge Pink Leather

Rouge Pink a coral, raspberry pebble grain leather.

Rouge Pink is similar in texture to Pale Peach, it's wonderfully structured and will work in card holders, purses and clutch bags. Sadly this leather doesn't take personalisation very well. It's a truly stunning colour, a bright, bold pinky red, some might say a raspberry or bright coral pink.

7. Magenta Leather

A bright magenta pink leather for clutch bags and leather accessories

This magenta leather is so vivid and bright, it's quite an unusual shade of bold pink with purple undertones. It has a textured finish and will work well across our product range from clutch bags to jewellery pouches. Sadly this leather doesn't personalise very well.

8. Dark Rose Leather

Dark Rose Leather for bridesmaid clutch bags

Looking for a more muted pink leather? Our Dark Rose leather is a softer purply pink with a small pebble grain finish to it. Only one hide of this was available so be sure to snap this one up if you love it! Perfect for autumn wedding palettes.

9. Red Wine Leather

Dark red smooth leather for leather accessories.

Smooth finish, a rich deep red leather. I couldn't leave this one behind! It's the deep red of an autumn berry, and dare I say it, possibly the colour of Christmas! A wonderful option for a winter wedding or christmas gifts. Perhaps even as napkin rings for your christmas table decor! Works well in all shapes from jewellery pouches to our leather clutch bags.

10. Metallic Bronze Leather

Shiny Bronze Leather

Looking for something different from gold and silver leather? How about Bronze leather? A very limited edition option, again a wonderful option for autumn and winter weddings would work beautifully in dog ring bearer pouches, jewellery pouches, card holders and clutches.

11. Lilac Leather

Lilac soft leather for leather accessories

Surely the colour of 2023? This is Lilac, a fairly sturdy pebble grain leather with a slightly distressed finish. There was only one piece of this leather available, so be sure to order something in it if you like it as I'm sure we'll run out quickly. Will work well in all sizes from jewellery pouches to clutch bags.

12. Golden Sunflower Leather

Golden sunflower, a butterscotch yellow leather

Something to brighten the cloudiest of days. Bold, bright and beautiful, this unusual golden yellow leather has a smooth finish and will work well across our product range. I love this yellow with Magenta and Aqua for a zingy pop of colour. 

13. Deep Teal Leather

Deep Teal, a green / blue teal leather for leather accessories.

Deep teal matches our main range of colours and we'll be adding this to our year round collection. It works across our product range. Shop pebble collection here.

14. Sage Green Leather

Sage green leather on a roll for sage green clutch bags.

Another complete one off, a stunning sage green leather in a soft, smooth finish. Will work beautifully in all sizes from our leather jewellery pouches to leather clutch bags. Perfect for sage green bridesmaid clutch bags.

15. Duckegg Blue Leather

Duckegg blue leather on a roll for pale blue leather accessories

Duck Egg Blue leather in a smooth finish leather, this is a lovely pale blue with a slight sheen and will make stunning clutch bags, card holders, leather purses and pretty much anything in our collection. 

16. Aqua Blue Leather

Aqua Blue Leather, a pale turquoise leather.

Ever so slightly darker and greener than Duck Egg. I love these pale turquoise shades and in my shopping trip ended up with two very similar colours but I love them both! Smooth finish leather will work well in our entire range.

17. Turquoise Leather

Turquoise Leather for leather bags.

I didn't actually buy this on my trip, I have had this for a while and haven't made anything with it. It's a matt finish, soft grain, bright turquoise leather. It'll work well in all our sizes. Really pops with our Magenta and Golden Sunflower colours.

18. Silver Diamond

Silver Diamond Leather

For party season or festivals! This is an unusual glitzy, diamond patterned silver soft leather. It will be used in our earrings, but will also work really well in our smaller leather jewellery pouches and card holders.

19. Anna

White and silver 3D floral leather.

Anna reminds me of Anaglypta wallpaper (hence the name Anna!), you know that wonderful 3D textured wallpaper. It is a white leather with silver highlights and a floral 3D design, it's quite thin so we think it will suit jewellery pouches and card holders best, but until we start sewing we won't know. I'm hoping it will offer something beautifully unique for weddings and bridal accessories.