There’s been so much happening here in the studio lately and we’ve been working on lots of lovely new products behind the scenes. Now, I’m so excited to say that we are finally ready to be able to share our latest collection with you all!

As we head into Autumn, with the shorter days and darker nights it’s only natural that you’re probably starting to think about cosy-ing up in the evenings, perhaps with your favourite crafts, right? If this sounds like you too, then you’ll love the newest addition; the Crafter’s Collection.

It’s a concept that’s been rolling around in my head since 2020, but something I’ve somehow never quite found the time to bring to life… until now. It feels so exciting that the idea I’ve been pondering for quite literally years, is finally a real thing! 

The Crafter’s Collection is a collection of super practical, luxury leather pouches and cases designed with knitters, crocheters, sewers, embroiderers, stitchers and crafty types in mind. 

We’ve all been there; you’re sewing a button and you have your thread but can’t find your sewing needle, or you’re finally ready to take up that pair of trousers you’ve been putting off for weeks and you’ve got your needle and thread, but can’t for the life of you locate your stitch unpicker. Frustrating, right? Not any more! 

We’ve got everything; from notions pouches in varying sizes, a special case for sewing needles, a stitch marker pouch, a case made especially for storing knitting needles (of all lengths!) and there’s even an extra long pencil case which is perfect for artists who want to stash their Tombow brush pens and paintbrushes in style. You’ll be able to keep your craft supplies close at hand wherever you like to craft, be it knitting on the bus, making with creative friends at a craft workshop, or sewing in your cosy chair at home. 

Let’s have a closer look at each of them.

Leather sewing needle case

Mini Sewing Needle Case 

Are you often searching for a tapestry, or sewing needle to finish off your latest knitting project, sew a button, or when planning the next piece in your handmade wardrobe? Well, fortunately for you, the Mini Sewing Needle Case is here to keep all your sewing needles safely away from that pesky haystack! It’s the perfect storage solution for knitters, sewers and craft enthusiasts alike. 

The case features a 100% wool felt insert where you can house several sewing needles, but you can use it for storing your tapestry or darning needles, t-pins and dressmaking pins too. It’s also been designed to sit comfortably within the other leather pouches featured in our Crafters’ Collection so you can keep all your needles and notions in one tidy place. 

Leather Sewing Case 

Sewing Needle Case

This beauty is just like our Mini Sewing Needle Case, only bigger and better. It has the 100% wool felt insert for your loose sewing needles, darning needles, dressmaking pins, t pins, etc, but we’ve also given it multiple pockets to provide you with the ultimate amount of storage for your craft supplies. There’s 1 main section which is perfect for sewing essentials such as small stork scissors, stitch unpickers and mending thread cards, plus 2 additional smaller pockets on the front which can hold needle packs, sewing machine needles and buttons.

 Small Notions Pouch

Small Notions Pouch 

We love our Small Notions Pouch; she may be small, but boy is she mighty. She can turn a messy crafters’ tool kit into one of blissful organisation. This gorgeously soft leather pouch is exactly what you need to contain all your craft supplies, but particularly those extra fiddly items like needle tips,  safety pins, stitch markers, thimbles and threaders so you’ll never lose them again. 

 Leather Notions Pouch

Leather Notions Pouch

Our trusty standard Notions Pouch. Small enough to pop in your favourite project bag, but big enough to fit all your knitting and sewing notions and craft supplies so you can ensure you always have exactly what you need when working on your chosen craft project. Gather up your trusty tape measure, small stork scissors, snips, embroidery threads, knitting needle point protectors, crochet hooks - this one will fit them all.

 Maxi Notions pouch for knitting and craft equipment.

Maxi Notions Pouch

Just like our soft leather Notions Pouch, only this one is bigger AND it has pockets! The Large Notions Pouch features 1 main section for carrying knitting and sewing essentials plus all your usual notions, but you also have the benefit of 2 additional pockets on the front for those smaller items. 

Knitters - this is one for you especially because this clever pouch design is also ideal for storing circular knitting needles, particularly an interchangeable needle set where the tips can stay in the main pouch (pair with our Needle Pairers for the ultimate knitting needle organisation) and the circular cords can be stored, tangle free, in the front pockets. What more could you ask for?!

 Leather Stitch Markers Pouch in Metallic Copper

Stitch Markers Pouch

Gonna be honest - does what it says on the tin, this one. Much like our small notions pouch, only slightly more compact to keep those stitch markers safe. 

 Long Knitting Needle Case for traditional straight knitting needles, in Gold Leather.

Leather Knitting Needle Case

I’m pretty proud of this design - our luxury leather Knitting Needle Case is just the ticket for keeping your knitting needles organised in style. It’s super spacious and super long to give you ample room for storing straight knitting needles. It measures in at 42cm long so you know it will easily accommodate every needle type and length you own with ease. We recommend pairing with our Small Notions Pouch and Mini Sewing Needle Case to keep your knitting notions safe and secure amongst your needles. 

 Knitting Needle Pairers for straight knitting needles and interchangeable knitting needles.

Needle Pairers

Our handmade Needle Pairers are a must have for knitters to keep their knitting needles neatly stored together and readily accessible for their knitting projects. Easy to use, all you need to do is thread each of your needles through both holes in the leather. Slide the Needle Pairer to the centre of the needles and voila! Your knitting needles will be held firmly together so you can select your tools from your Knitting Needle Case quickly and easily.


Looking back over everything it feels incredible to see my 2020 idea become a reality. We hope you love them as much as me and the Studio Lowen team do, but if there’s anything else you would like to see in the collection, then please do let me know.

We hope you’re ready now to enjoy some cosy crafting time this autumn. I think I’d quite like to make a Christmas pudding, which I know is not exactly a craft, but it’s something that I’ve not done before… What will be your next craft project?